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Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Clawson is a seasoned and well-rounded International speaker. Speaking at churches and women's events in Tanzania Africa, Niger, Africa, Maskall Village, Central America and Chiang Rai, Thailand as well as events across the U.S. She has an innate ability to communicate intimately and comically to groups both large and small, and delights in the sharing of knowledge - specializing in encouraging and strengthening others to overcome adversities and spiritual trauma. 


Stephanie has a background that ranges from Missionary, Medical Professional, and Non-profit trafficking Victim Advocate; funds development for non-profits and most recently Executive Producer of an award-winning short film, "Groomed" that depicts steps traffickers use to gain access to our youth online. 


Stephanie is married to Kirk, share 3 grown children,

and lives in El Lago, Texas.

Where I'll be next...

March 28th

Destiny Workshop

6pm to 8pm | Bay Area Comm. Center 5002 E Nasa Pwky Seabrook, TX 77586

Click Here for more information and to sign up.

March 29th

Abundant Life Christian Center

601 Delany Road, La Marque, TX

Presenting Groomed to students and faculty.

March 30th

Pasadena Community in Schools

Pasadena ISD, Pasadena, TX

Presenting Groomed to students and discussing online safety.

April 5th

Higher Up Texas Honors Dinner

5:30pm to 8:30pm | Hilton NASA 3000 E. NASA Pkwy, Nassau Bay, TX

Contact Hillary Gramm at for more details. 

April 8th

Dominion Church Easter Weekend

11am to 2pm | 6400 Calder Dr. Dickinson, TX.

Fun day filled with food, activities and a helicopter egg drop - Come Join Us!

April 15th

Real Talk Women's Lunch - April Session

11am to 1pm | 626 Whitecap Dr. El Lago, TX.

Click Here for more information and to sign up.

April 21st

Hands of Justice - Fashion for Freedom Event

10:30am to 1pm | Glades Art Foundation | 2000 Woodlands Pkwy The Woodlands, TX.

Click Here for more information on attending and come watch me walk the runway for a good cause!

"often times our brokenness qualifies us to talk about subjects"




The first time I saw Stephanie, I could tell she was presenting from her heart. Hearing her speak, I knew that she could make the material she was presenting something that people could learn from and use after we left.

Justin West Constable

Precinct 4 Galveston County


Anyone who works at it can publicly speak yet few speak with passion that causes a person to think about change. Our team continues to be impacted by our experience with Stephanie and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to hear her speak.

Kelli Coburn

Coburn Chiropractic Centers

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